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Mutual Aid Management. Prepare for localized and widespread infrastructure failure and extreme weather events.

Veracity Connect transforms the way Utilities respond to extreme weather and critical equipment failures. Designed without compromise between security and ease-of-use, Veracity Connect allows any employee to securely access critical information - on any device, anywhere. Adopt Veracity Connect as your Emergency Preparedness platform to ensure information is kept up to date and accessible.

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Critical Spares Management A Proactive Approach to Critical Spares.

Ensure reliability, minimize risk and speed recovery with a pro-active collaborative approach to Critical Spares Management. Veracity Connect is the premier industry platform that allows utilities to individually manage critical infrastructure and collectively share critical spares across the state, region or country.

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Surplus Management. Maximize the value of surplus, obsolete and end-of-life assets.

Enhancements in efficiency and greater economies of scale can be achieved by effective collaboration among Utilities and their partners. Veracity Connect gives Utilities – big or small - the tools they need to achieve the benefits of collaboration and virtual horizontal integration.

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Asset Management. Eliminate the reliance on outdated spreadsheets.

Veracity Connect can provide full asset tracking by facility, substation or individual asset. Full information with pictures, manuals, equipment reports and emergency plan can be stored and access easily from within the office or on a mobile device.

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