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The most recent industry benchmark conducted by the Investment Recovery Association revealed that the average gross revenue per transaction was $85,381.

Reduce storage needs
and holding costs

The most recent benchmarking study from the Investment Recovery Association also states that cost savings as a percentage of total gross revenue was 9.64 percent.

Mitigate environmental
and liability risks

Idle equipment and surplus assets out in your yard pose obvious environmental risks and increased liability risk as well, by selling or disposing of them you are decreasing those risks.

Enhance sustainability

By re-selling your unused machinery and surplus equipment you are extending its usable life which is very friendly to the environment. Revenues recovered can be used to maintain or extend other initiatives.

Avoid cost
of disposal

Returning or removing assets offer the least value in the “Seven R’s of Investment Recovery.” They are the most expensive ways to handle idle or surplus equipment.

Create an inventory
of critical spares

Ensure reliability, minimize risk and speed recovery with easy access to an efficient and reliable source of low-cost emergency spare equipment.

Source hard
to find equipment

It can be hard to find equipment or machinery of a prior generation or that was manufactured in a limited run. At times, certain machinery is just out of stock. Look to Veracity Connect for options.

Get access to
pre-approved buyers

Veracity Connect features a database of more than 20,000 members who have identified their buying interests. We notify the appropriate members with every new listing.

Investment Recovery by the Numbers


% of total assets that are
typically idle or surplus 1


Average return on the cost
of selling surplus equipment 2


Holding costs are typically 15 to 45%
of the FMV of your surplus assets 3

What Our Members Say

  • Soon after listing our equipment on VeracityConnect we were in discussions with a qualified buyer that resulted in a successful and smooth sale.

  • Veracity acts as an extension of our team to help us maximize recovery values on surplus and end of life equipment. The process is simple, efficient and offers a transparent process to tender surplus offerings to the marketplace.


Our membership

Veracity Connect includes more than 20,000 individual members.
Below are some of the utilities and companies that participate in Veracity Connect.

Sample listings

Westinghouse & Kolher Generator

Quantity: 5

Fuel Storage Tanks & Silos

Quantity: 2

Utility Poles & Glass Insulators

Quantity: 3

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